This professional climbing rope makes great addition to your training. A climbing rope improves strength and climbing technique. Rope climbing is a full body workout. Read more...

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The right climbing rope for your training.

The right climbing rope for your training is strong, flexible and has the right thickness. This climbing rope is widely used in training for OCR, Crossfit and in Gyms.

A climbing rope is a very good addition to your training. Rope climbing improves your strength and gives you strong arm and leg muscles. You can climb a climbing rope in different ways. So you can turn it into a full body workout. This will give you a lot of condition and a stronger body.

There are different ways to climb. The easiest way is with a foot clamp. You use the feet to make a clamp in the rope. By stretching the legs you climb up without using your arms. If you practice this a lot, it will become easier to climb a rope. This technique of rope climbing can be learned fairly quickly and that will make you happy. Because it saves a lot of strength in your arms.

You can also climb only with your hands. That is called legless rope climb. It is very hard, which is also the intention with that way of training. Exercising a lot ensures that you become stronger and improve your grip strength.

This professional climbing rope is soft, flexible and has a lot of grip. The rope is 3.5 cm thick and suitable for young people and adults.

The rope is equipped with a mounting loop so that you can attach it to a tube or beam. At the bottom of the rope is a sleeve. The rope will not fray and it wis neatly finished.

You can also use the climbing rope outside.



  • OCR, Obstacle run, Crossfit, Fitness, Bootcamp, Gyms, Ninja warrior.
  • For teens and adults.
  • For indoor and outdoor use!


  • Climbing rope with mounting loop
  • Thickness: 3,5 cm
  • Length: 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 metres
  • Color: Natural
  • Material: Polyhemp (synthetic hemp). Same material as hempex and spleitex.


  • PRO series
  • Made in Holland
  • Soft and supple rope with a lot of grip.
  • Feels like natural hemp rope.
  • Weatherproof and rot proof.


A climbing rope with mounting loop can easily be attached to a tube, a beam or a branch of a tree.

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