Climbing net for use in an obstacle course or in a ninja obstacle park. The climbing nets are soft, flexible and have a lot of grip. Professional quality for intensive use. Read more...

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Want to buy a climbing net?

A climbing net made of polyhemp, also known as synthetic hemp is popular with sports clubs, schools and ninja climbing parks.
A polyhemp climbing net is made of soft and flexible rope. It feels and look likes natural hemp rope.
And very popular among users at indoor obstacle courses.
The polyhemp climbing nets are available in two different rope thicknesses, 18 mm and 24 mm. The standard is 18mm. The 24mm are popular at indoor Ninja gyms.
The climbing nets are soft, flexible and have a lot of grip.
The nets are strong and for professional use. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Do you want a custom made climbing net?

All climbing nets are manufactured by professionals in the workshop. It is possible to have a climbing net made to your wishes.

Mounting a climbing net

A climbing net can be mounted on, for example, a scaffolding tube, a beam or wooden pole.

The standard finish of the climbing net is an edge without ropes or loops (eye splice). We can split ropes or loops on the net. A steel thimble can be spliced in that loop. You can easily attach the net to steel eyes with the help of a shackle or carabiner.

Please contact us if you wish.


Cost of rope or loop on climbing net:

   Rope 18mm  Rope 24mm
 Rope with length 2m  6,00  10,00
 Loop (eye splice with diameter from 10 to 15cm)  8,50  13,50
 Loop with steel thimble  10,00  13,50
 Loop with steel thimble, shackle and eye nut M10  15,00  


  • Obstacle course, Gyms, Ninja warrior.
  • For indoor and outdoor use!


  • Diameter rope: 18mm (standard) or 24mm
  • Color: Natural
  • Mesh size: 25cm
  • Material: Polyhemp (synthetic hemp). Same material as hempex and spleitex.
  • Maximum load in climbing net, polyhemp 18mm: 10 people
  • Maximum load in climbing net, polyhemp 24mm: 20 people


  • PRO series
  • Made in Holland
  • The climbing net is strong with a lot of grip.
  • Soft and supple rope.
  • Feels and look likes natural hemp rope.
  • Weatherproof and rot proof.